Join us at the 2018 MLK Day of Service for our “Crossing the Finish Line” Project Monday, January 15, 2018, 2:00 – 6 pm!

There are 20,000 African American students enrolled in the Pinellas County school system.  11,000 are placed in Intensive Reading and Intensive Math classes.  There are approximately 3,600 African American students labeled with a learning disability based on a Florida Assessment test score.  This affects the graduation success rate of African Americans. 

The Crossing the Finish Line Service Project plans to provide practical instructions and guidance to help families to successfully navigate through the educational system, providing workshops and hands-on learning activities led by community organizations that are impacting the lives of our families.

Director Denise Ford recently told the Weekly Challenger about the project, “I wanted to help families navigate through the educational system, from the womb through post-education options. For the MLK Day of Service Family Fun Day on Tropicana Field, we’ll be providing eight 15-by-15-feet tents that each represent a stage of development, and each will ‘house’ a different community organization or support group.”

Ford said the tents will connect families with educational advocates and an array of offerings including games and family engagement resources.

“Our goal is to reduce African Americans in intervention classes by 60%.  We want to reduce African Americans being labeled with a learning disability by 60%. Lastly, we want to increase the graduation success rate. Our goal is to have a 95% graduation success rate. Education can be the great equalizer and we want to end the public school to prison pipeline by 100%.”

This project is made possible by a service award from the MLK Day of Service Project.